Talking with a robot: a modern norm or a short-term trend?

Not yet familiar with chatbots?

A chatbot is an e-commerce tool that provides better collaboration between e-shops and customers by offering simple and user-friendly communication through chat services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Text Messages. The chatbot provides communication in one application, more specifically in the chat box, so that you do not have to switch between multiple applications at the same time, often get lost and definitely waste unnecessary time. Chatbot's action, in fact, is quite simple - write your wishes in a company chat box, for example, Messenger, chat room will offer you options that narrow your offer, as many times as you can choose the one you like and buy it with one click.

There are certain differences between chatbots. Here is a small list of what chatbots you can meet:

Time bot

Don't know how to dress today or take clothes with you on a trip? Learn about weather forecasts in hours, days, or weeks. Currently, one of the most popular time bots is Poncho Bot, who will not only announce the exact weather forecasts but will also improve the mood with funny GIFs and comments on his experience in your city.

Shopping bots

Facilitates the experience of all shops and cafes. Did the pizza suddenly get stuck? - Write to the chatbot! Want to instantly order the required products or even automate your weekly shopping list? - Ask for help with Chatbot!

Domino's pizza, which offers to order pizza with or without delivery, keep track of its pizza or change its order as one of the most recognizable shopping bots. This chatbot uses a more formal language than Pocho. But if you are hungry, you don't want to joke very much…

News Bot

Ask to be informed about anything intriguing in the outside world or about the latest topic of interest to you. In this field, the star hour is enjoyed by a CNN bot that will gladly tell you about serious and global events and about Harry Potter.

Personal Finance Bots

Cannot manage your payments successfully to be included in the monthly salary, but also be able to postpone savings? Trust this bot to make the bot more successful and happier!
As a valuable example of one of the financial bots is Cleo. He will help you both hold your pulse on your regular expenses and will remind you of friends who have not yet given up their debt and will offer these people to send a reminder.

Planning  bot

Cannot schedule your time to delay time for both leisure and culture & art or sports? Tired of spending most of your daily planning meetings moving at least once? You know who will help you!

Help would definitely not be denied by Amy and Andrew, who are artificial intelligence robots with a successful planning career. You can communicate with them not only in Messenger but also in email.

As you can see, chessboard possibilities are endless, this feature can become your best personal advisor, friend or even a debt collector! And it is not a joke - in China, there is a bot called Xiaoice, which was defined as the first man's best friend-bot. 20 million people are already talking about this Microsoft product.

Nowadays chattels are likely to offer you options in the form of a mind map, but shortly, after all, most of the chatbots will be the soul of artificial intelligence. You will only have to spend a few seconds approving or rejecting offers created according to the data (interests, opportunities, desires) known to you from artificial intelligence.

Why are Chatbots So Successful?

Approximately 45% of our time on phones we spend reading / writing emails using chat platforms or calling. On the other hand, the average travel time for travel planning was 49 minutes per day for 46 days, with at least 17 different websites every day, according to a recent study by Google. Imagining that all this huge time consumption could be reduced to a few minutes becomes warm around the heart.

The Chatbot function, for example, in this case, would be to find the best hotel. Write a message for a specific destination at Chatbot and it will offer the best or most profitable airlines, hotels and attractions.

Chatbots are so useful not only in terms of time saved but also because they understand the 21st-century human psychology - communication is done in writing and can be done with short, simple phrases. Besides, you don't have to worry that you will make someone on the other end of the handset with your call.

Still wondering what's so special about chatbots? Quite simply - right now people are using communication tools much more than the social networks themselves. Consider the seriousness of the just heard fact - even more than social networks people use communication applications! No matter how incredible it is, it's true. That's why all businesses (the sooner, the better) would be happy to create their own chatbots for fast incomes and new customer growth.

The facts speak for themselves - more than 100,000 chatbots have been launched since Facebook opened Messenger API. These results are quite natural in view of the high results they provided in the first study. Namely, the average number of previously opened emails sent from companies was no more than 21.8%, while the number of clicks added to this survey was only 12 times higher, but the total number of campaigns open the number of emails had increased to 98%.

The future of Chatbot looks pretty brilliant. The Chatbot market is expected to grow at a surprisingly rapid pace - from $ 703 million in 2016 to the US $ 3.17 billion in 2021.

If you would like more information on live chat activities, please check out - How do chatbots work?

How is the correct way to communicate with people in text robots? Isn't that artificial intelligence very difficult to install?
It is true that artificial intelligence is present, but it is quite easy to do. There are two different types of chatbots where one is quite simple, while the other is slightly more adventurous because of Machine Learning.

  • Chatbots, which works according to certain rules of the law: they are very limited, able to answer only specific teams and do not understand if you have written one letter incorrectly because such bots are just as smart as they were programmed.
  • Chatbots that function through machine learning: these bots have artificial brains or artificial intelligence, and they also understand language, not just teams so they can be spoken to as humans. Even the mistakes will not cause them any particular problems. What's more, these bots continue to learn from conversations with people and do not remain idle.

Although chatbots with artificial intelligence definitely provide much better contact with the client, it must be carefully prepared! If you are unsure of your ability to create a mind-boggling chat who will be able to answer a multitude of topics from the beginning, maybe the first chatbot will work.

John Elman, Partner at Greylock, warns us:

'' Everyone runs behind artificial intelligence, but it seems a little premature. Writing to a computer that doesn't understand most of your sentences could be a very annoying process. So be careful not to give up your hopes for unfulfilled promises that will give customers only disappointment and headaches! "

In fact - the key is determination!
If you are determined to create your first chatbot, the tips provided by these websites will help you on this path: