Workshop #4 Delivery - Link between your business and customer

May 23, Address: G.Zemgala gatve 74 - MINOX event lounge, Language - Latvian

Beyond free delivery option and detailed description of the product, it is also important to include various choices for delivery methods and preferable delivery time.

Based on DPD research, the opportunity to choose the most convenient way of delivery is highly valued by e-shoppers. To provide the best services you need to know your customers needs and how the delivery process works. 

In this workshop you will find answers to  these questions:
•    What are the trends and behaviors of European e-shoppers?
•    What do I need to know about the delivery process and how can it grow my business?
•    How can I implement delivery in my e-shop and what are the benefits?
•    Experience story: What’s important for a new business at e-commerce?
•    Experience story: How to go cross-border? What do you need to know about the process?


13.30  14.00 Registration and coffee
14:00  15:00 Latvian e-shopper behavior 2018 and impact of delivery
Gunita Vilcāne, DPD Latvija Key account manager
15:00 – 15:30 Delivery option integration and order processing efficiency
Dagnija Zitmane-Zihmane, DPD Latvija Project coordinator
16:00 Coffee & snacks, networking
16:00 – 17:00 Experience stories
Jānis Peičs, “Es mīlu kafiju” Director
Gustavs Gotauts, “Velosock” Sales Executive

Pavels Degtjarevs, "Tet" Head of Device business development



Gunita Vilcāne
Gunita Vilcāne
Key account manager
DPD Latvia
Dagnija Zitmane-Zihmane
Dagnija Zitmane-Zihmane
Project coordinator
DPD Latvia
Jānis Peičs
Jānis Peičs
Es mīlu kafiju
Gustavs Gotauts
Gustavs Gotauts
Sales manager

Pavels Degtjarevs
Pavels Degtjarevs
Head of Device business development